Digital Transformation

Make the Move to Mobile Successful

Build Connected Apps for the Connected World

Building mobile apps that capture information is simple – building an application captures information, integrates with line of business systems and orchestrates work across teams, departments and organisations is complex. When you want to build tens or hundreds of these applications as part of your transformation the challenge grows exponentially.

Join K2’s Andrew Murphy to learn:

  • The benefits of using a mobile-enabled low-code platform

  • How K2’s low-code platform enables you to ‘Turn on Mobile Apps’

  • How to build a low-code mobile application in K2 through a live build demo

Digital Transformation: What It Means for Your Business

What are the benefits of a digital workplace and where should the change happen in your organisation?

Learn more in the whitepaper, Digital Transformation: What It Means for Your Business

  • Hybrid Low-Code Apps Enable Digital Transformation
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  • Digital Transformation Through Low Code
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