Digital Transformation

Webinar Featuring Forrester: How to Go Deep Scale Wide And Digitally Transform

Automate Every Business Process

Tackling business process automation today usually involves an approach focusing on one of two priorities:

  • Going deep by focusing on complex, priority processes
  • Scaling wide across the entire system of organizational processes

The reality is, you need to do both if you want to create a true digital workplace.

Guest Speakers

Watch as Rob Koplowitz, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Wouter Faber, Senior Director, Avanade and Adriaan Van Wyk, CEO, K2 dive into an engaging discussion about what’s required in a process automation solution to achieve both depth and scale. 

Learn how a leading international energy company has gone from automating one, to hundreds, even thousands of processes — from the most basic to the highly complex — in a fraction of the time typically required. All with a singular platform that’s helped them innovate, drive growth and gain competitive advantage.

Vendor Landscape: BPM Platforms for Digital Automation

Use Forrester’s framework to evaluate vendors, with an eye on automation to improve CX.

Learn more in the whitepaper, Vendor Landscape: BPM Platforms for Digital Automation