Digital Transformation

RPA: A Central Driver of Digital Transformation

How Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Labor

Companies are increasingly using machines and bots to perform repetitive and routine business processes – optimising their resources and achieving more in less time or expanding into new markets. 

Executives in all industries are looking at robotic process automation (RPA) as a code—free alternative that raises productivity through fewer errors, higher output and improved quality, safety and speed. High value employees can now focus on more complex tasks and projects. 

This series of RPA webinars looks at how organizations:

  • Exploit digital developments to augment or expand business models
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Apply technologies and the resulting data to optimize key business processes
  • Uncover new monetization opportunities
  • Create a more compelling customer and employee experience
  • The Role of BPM and RPA in Financial Services
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  • BPM or RPA: What is the Correct Choice for Digital Transformation?
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