Digital Transformation

BPM or RPA: What is the Correct Choice for Digital Transformation?

Build a Successful Strategy

Many consider robotic process automation (RPA) the ‘new kid on the block’ when compared with better known BPM systems. In reality, businesses have been utilising RPA for many years to help drive business automation and efficiency. 

In this rapidly developing climate, which platform will help your organisation meet its digital transformation goals? Join this webinar to hear K2’s Andrew Murphy review modern BPM and RPA’s competencies and answer this question: Should you be using neither, or both? This session covers: 

  • Core competencies of modern BPM & RPA 
  • Identifying key stages of the digital transformation journey
  • Where BPM and RPA apply to these stages to help you achieve your short-term and long-term transformation goals

Using Bots in Your Business: Benefits and Challenges

Can RPA help you meet your automation objectives? What are the benefits and challenges?

Learn more in the whitepaper, Using Bots in Your Business: Benefits and Challenges

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